Basket Decor Use

Hey friends! Long time no chat! It has been a bit busy for me. I have been working on some decor projects and recently moved in to a new role at work advising our campuses undeclared student population. Let’s just say I am learning ALOT.

I recently have bought a few baskets around my home and have talked about them briefly through my “hidden storage” and organization blogs, but today I wanted to do a quick blog on this topic as I thought it would be fun.

Now these aren’t your grandma’s baskets. These baskets are cuter and even more functional today. Look at the array of styles above! Even the older baskets are great finds at thrift stores and provide a really good quality. Who else loves a good thrift store of Goodwill find?! I know I do!

Here’s my top ways how to use baskets in your house.

  1. Decor
  2. Storage of kids most frequently used toys
  3. Desk/home office organization
  4. Blanket and pillow storage
  5. Plants
1. Decor
2. Kid storage
Look at the variety of ways to use these baskets!
3. Desk/Home office organization
4. Pillow and blanket storage
5. Plants

Below are 2 ways I have used baskets in my home for decor and styling. They also serve as functional pieces depending on the usage.

Now while I gave a top 5 use of baskets, The Spruce online magazine did a great job on talking about 11 ways to use and decorate baskets. I loved all the ideas and linked it here.

Now for some affordable basket finds below click on images to go to shopping link.

Urban Outfitters
West Elm
Target has quit the variety that are perfect for shelving and table tops.

Until next time friends! Happy shopping! Make your space YOUR space. Its fun, easy and affordable.

2 thoughts on “Basket Decor Use

  1. I love baskets! I have one in every room! Use them for everything you mentioned above. I mainly love them for storage and aesthetics. Great blog!

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