Closet Purge & More

This time of year is a time when there are sales a plenty and we can get in to this habit of purchasing and purchasing. But I want to encourage you before you start your shopping spree whether for home decor, clothes or other trinkets to clean and purge first!

I talk about this regularly but this is a timely reminder. I recently went through my closet and my partners closet so we may begin to clear out and make room. I’m making room for potential gifts received, potential home purchases I may make and grabbing some of those clothing sales. I have decided I want to change up my style for next year, by simplifying more. I’m going to ease myself away from prints, and looking to find more minimal pieces that I can elevate in style but serve multiple functions (casual, business, etc). I found a great article for 10 essential wardrobe pieces for women and men. Both articles are linked.

When I go through my closet I go through EVERY SINGLE PIECE. Don’t skip any. I also think it helps to have someone else there that knows you and can hold you accountable for getting rid of pieces. I always have a toss pile for those faded shirts and other items. The other pile is the donate pile, typically comprised of good clothes I just never wear them or they don’t fit. Also don’t forget your ever growing shoe collection, and accessories…are you wearing everything…or just buying everything…just sayin. Lol.

I think this is especially nice as the new year approaches. Holidays are a time when we see a lot of friends and family so we are inclined to make some new wardrobe purchases. Make sure those purchases are not just one time outfits. Get something that you can wear and have multiple uses. I can’t encourage you enough to spend wisely. Don’t purchase one time use items unless absolutely necessary. Even for those holiday parties that you feel formal. You can formalize and dress anything up with the right accessories.

The 2 videos below I naturally gravitated to and thought I’d share as I start thinking about continuing to get rid of clothes and start a new style for 2020.

Another thing to clean out is home decorations. I live in a small space so I also hide my holiday decorations in the closet. Pulling these things out help me take inventory of what I have before I go shopping for other seasonal items. If you plan to buy new holiday decor get rid of your old decor now. Its perfect time to give holiday decor to second hand stores as people are looking for deals and unique pieces that may be collecting dust in your closet.

I also believe that bed linens like sheets and bathroom towels only last for long. This can be a good time of year to replace for those upcoming guests, and toss the old ones or turn them into some cleaning rags.

If you are looking to get new electronics, don’t add to pile. Sell the electronics that are being replaced…TVs, computers, lighting, and more. If you have a old piece of technology hat doesn’t work call your city yard to see when they have e-waste drop off.

Apartment Therapy did a great article on 15 things to get rid of before the holiday. Its linked check it out.

Also take a second look at those items you have been saving around the house cause you say you’re going to repurpose them. Are you going to reuse them or are you just holding on to them?

As always I hope this gave y’all some things to ponder. The holiday season is fast approaching. And I know this can be exciting for some and for others filled with anxiety. I plan to do a blog on that as well, but know taking care of yourself is always a priority! Until next time friends!

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