Creating a Guest Room Retreat

Hello friends. I hope halloween treated you all well. No pun intended lol. I also realized I never really documented any Halloween decor. I did a little but nothing big. I’ve come to realize that while I like the holiday its not my favorite so I for the most part enjoy seeing others décor. I have however done some Fall décor and will share a quick post on it this week.

Anyways today I’m here to talk about creating a guest room that feels like a retreat. One thing to keep in mind is that the word “retreat” means something a little different for everyone. Overall the intention of any guest room is to provide a space for guests to feel comfortable while they stay at your house.

I believe the less you have in the room helps that feeling, so keep things to a minimum and get out all of the clutter. Don’t include a lot of personal pictures in the guest room for some it can be awkward, but of course for family it can be a nice touch.

For my most recent client she wanted to create a space that gave tropical vibes. The other thing was being able to use existing pieces of décor she had already purchased. Below is the before.

And now for the after.

What I like most about the room is that the red chair offers a seating area which is nice for guests outside of the bed. I think one key thing that would complete this space is a table lamp, however the client wished to not purchase one. I think an alternate lighting source to the ceiling fan adds a bit of warmth to the room.

The bedding was something the client had recently bought so I had to go around that. The gold felt like a lot so I like that the navy pillows offered a subtle accent to it. We found this tropical canvas in a local furniture store and she already purchased the red matching wall pieces. They ended up working well in the space. Red accent chair purchased from Ross. The floral corner p8iece was made by yours truly. Piece purchased from Joann’s. Take note to the height of the floral piece as with no lamp I needed to make sure the corner had height, dimension and a fullness.

This space was fun to create as it is very vibrant, however I do personally like a more subtle guest room. As you can see mine below which also offers a seating area off to the side. Mine doubles as a home office, but if you have the space this may not be your case. Be creative in your spaces and do not a lot square footage to limit you.

Now one thing I will say is sometimes we have a tendency to have a ton of pillows on our beds. I typically remove them for my guest so they don’t feel overwhelmed by what to do with them and I encourage you to do the same.

I also like to have fresh bath towels already waiting for them in their room so they don’t have to ask. Scent is something I take not too and may have a candle burning upon a guest arrival.

Before I end this blog I want to show you some of my favorite and simple guest room looks via Pinterest.

I wanted to incorporate a variety of guest rooms as we all have different styles. I think even still I might be missing some styles like glam, boho or rustic. Either way let your guest room reflect comfort, style and sense of welcome. I will be back again this week with some ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces.

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