Mini Holiday Home Tour

Hi Friends! I hope Thanksgiving treated you all well. Are you ready for the next holiday? Christmas is fast approaching and I was so eagerly waiting to decorate that by the time I was ready to I “dudded” out. The holiday time is a bitter sweet time for my household personally. While its my birthday month and my partners, it is also the month of both our father’s death. Tomorrow marks the 5th year since my dads passing, but Christmas time was one of his favorite seasons. So with that being said below is a snippet of my decor this holiday season.

I stayed with traditional colors this year and kept it simple. I made sure to use what I already had with the exception of few new glass ornaments on my tree. Much of the decor you will see below I got at the Dollar Tree, 99 cent store, Ross, Michael’s and HomeGoods. You will also see how I kept some of regular decor items and transitioned them into Christmas with minimal effort. No need to break the bank!

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