Last Minute Christmas Tips, Gifts & Encouragement!

Hey everyone! I’m back with a one Christmas blog for the season. I debated on doing one and whether it would be helpful at all since Christmas is less then 10 days away!

Since this is my only blog for the season and based on the timing I’m going to give some advice and quick tips as you are last minute shopping and preparing for guests.

I will be in Vegas this year spending it with my mom. Looking forward to cooking, relaxing and enjoying a view. Also my birthday is a few days later so I will get to celebrate with some long time friends. My partner is a Christmas Eve baby so double the celebration! How about you?

My Gift Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Personal gifts are nice but most of us have enough frames. So if I can encourage anything don’t purchase any frames as gifts because lets be honest…most of the time they sit and collect dust. The same with coffee cups. Unless that person is coffee cup collector I promise you they have enough cups in the cabinet and yours may end up at the Goodwill.
  2. If you want to get someone a gift that’s personal make sure its useful. Getting someone a personal can be a shirt with a saying or wording that depicts the person. Sometimes its inspiring, motivating or just captures their essence. They can wear it and actually use it.
  3. People say gift cards are impersonal, I say they are only impersonal if you get them a general one. If you get someone a gift card to one of their favorite stores or vendors its perfect. They truly appreciate it and it means a little more that you remembered their favorite place to show.
  4. Set gift limits for extended family. Nothing wrong with this. If you didn’t get to do this currently, remember this for next year.
  5. White elephant with that friend group of yours. We all know how costly the holidays can be.
  6. For the small gifts nothing like perfume or cologne, HOWEVER, don’t guess what someone likes, make sure you know the scent! This is such a useful and perfect gift for anyone. Ask those close to the person what they see that person using.
  7. Now if you are on a extreme budget create a mixed bag of goodies. This can include anything from: socks, alcohol, lounge clothes, favorite snacks. I believe the same can be said for stocking stuffers.
  8. Good books are great items for friends that enjoy to read, also magazine subscriptions too. Not the gossip column ones but the travel, national geographic, home decor, architectures digest, etc.
  9. Speaking of subscriptions buying someone a one year membership to a program or online vendor boxes is the gift that gives all year long! Now this is a pricier commitment, but great for your partner, wife, husband or parents.
  10. Candles…I don’t know a person who turns down a smell good!! Especially if it is going to someone who is hosting your stay over the holidays. The same as wine or alcoholic beverages in which everyone can enjoy.
  11. Walgreens is AMAZING at having premade bath body packaged gifts! Name brand ones for men and women!!! Don’t knock it until you go in…

Quick, Easy & Affordable Holiday Decor

It wouldn’t feel appropriate if I left without giving some decor advice. As always holidays are chaotic enough and if you have not had time to decorate, know that IT IS OK. There’s no need to break the bank and cause a fuss. Use what you have.

Also know that snipping fresh foliage from around the neighborhood can easily bring in some welcoming and warm elements around the table and living area. Branches and flowers are free in parks and neighborhood trails take advantage of mother nature for the positive.

Fresh green foliage you see there I snipped during a neighborhood walk. Plus 99 cent store charger plates!!!

Also know that the Dollar Tree and 99 cent store are your best friends for last minute details.

Remember Be Kind to Yourself

As an aside you can’t make everyone happy all the time so stay present in the moment. Stay present until the end of the year. Don’t go down the rabit hole of negativity and what you haven’t completed as far as this years goals. Cause guess what? You get to roll them over and refine them even more in the new year.

Enjoy the time being spent with friends and family. Even the strangers that you encounter during times of travel this season. Take time to gather, laugh, play, drink, eat and literally be merry. Know that your are amazing and no one take away your awesomeness without your permission. Stay away from those that bring toxicity to your life and kill your vibe. If that happens to be family, then buddy up with another family member and stay by there side during family functions. A new year is about to start and you need all the goodness you can take in to 2020. For some this year has been tough, but remember tough times are temporary…keep your eye on the future and who/what you want to bring in to it. May you all have a beautiful Christmas!

Lastly…my favorite personal gift link articles and finds

Some great gift articles that I found useful and great ideas are below in case you are stuck:

Pier 1
Wholesome Culture
Alex & Ani

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