Shake Up Your Wall Art & Decor

Well Happy New Year! Am I still allowed to say that? I’m going to anyways because I haven’t been on here since last year. Ok, enough with my terrible jokes, today’s post is all about tips for hanging wall art and decor. Its a new year so maybe its time to refresh your walls. Now that can be with new art and decor or it can be swapping what you already have around the house.

Flip artwork for a different perspective…you might be surprised at the effect.

Now when it comes to the logistics there are measurements to go by.

Now for may gallery professionals they have a rule to hanging wall art and that’s to display the artwork’s center 57 inches from the floor. My rule of thumb and many decorators is between 4 1/2 ft to 5ft as the center of your photo. If hanging above a sofa or table leave about 4-8 inches between the pieces.

Splendid Actually did a great post on 5 measuring tips. Article linked to this picture.

The whole goal is to hang wall art at appropriate eye level. Park West Gallery did a a great article with detailed pictures regarding hanging pictures in your home which I will link here.

Lark & Linen did 2 great articles that echo all of the sentiments above regarding hanging pictures above furniture and without furniture.

Another tip is to leave at least 2-3 inches between pictures if hanging multiple pictures side by side or a gallery/collage wall.

Since we are talking about gallery and collage walls I decided to replace that canvas art with a wall gallery in my dining area. All of the frames are from Ikea and cost $15 each. I already had 3 and added an additional 3. I love these frames and can’t say enough about the array of frames Ikea has. If you have frames already and are bored refresh them with a coat of spray paint. It can either be the same color for a fresh look or a different color for a whole new aesthetic.

Before I leave I want to leave you with all the types of wall art you can put up in your home. There’s such a variety that you don’t have to limit your self:

I hope this blog and shared links gave you some tips and ideas of how you can refresh your home with art work. And don’t forget to get creative. If you are a DIYer do your own artwork like I did with my gold arrows. I recently found a beautiful DIY art video by Gracia Inspired from a few years ago and want to end this blog with her inspiring video. Its giving me some ideas! Until next time friends!!

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