Declutter Your home…declutter your mind.

Hey friends! Thanks for hanging with me, I took a break for a bit but back.

I’ve talked before about decluttering and being creative with storage solutions. It’s that time of year to start pulling back the layers of winter and creating piles for toss and donation. Also recognize what no longer serves your home purpose but can serve someone else and self it for a small price online. One thing I also say is nothing new comes in the house without items going out to ensure less clutter and keep storage organized.

My 3 Declutter Tips:

  1. Remove all items and organize them in to piles. This will allow you to see what needs to be tossed, repurposed or to be kept
  2. Shred/Toss/File Paperwork (only you know what’s applicable)
  3. Use storage organizers

Below is a before and after of book shelf in my clients room. We were able to find storage solutions for the hats, filed paper work, shred what was needed, sift through books (keep/donate) and restore the miscellaneous items to an appropriate home.

What a difference right? And we purchased nothing! We went through all the items and found some hidden gyms! Hope this inspires you to do the same. Shelving unit is from Ikea.

Declutter can restore a sense of peace in a space. Don’t underestimate it. This client already had a beautiful space but life gets busy!

I think one thing we all almost allow to get cluttered are our cabinets and storage units. Now I know a lot of us use the cube storage and so I wanted to show you some great ways to jazz up your typical cube storage. Or if you’re looking a multi functional storage unit. This is inexpensive and as a bonus looks great if you do it right. Oh and did I mention the clutter is hidden and organized? Now most of these cube units are from Ikea but they are literally sold at almost every retailer and online for a inexpensive price. I wanted to showcase some awesome storage solutions with some great style pair with it.

Ikea (picture linked)
Ikea (picture linked)
Ikea (picture linked)
Walmart (picture linked) Also available at Target.

So what do you think of these storage solution/furniture ideas? Let me know in the comments. I also wanted to share some declutter challenges and task lists. Now is a good time to rid your home of excess for the spring. Its a season of refreshing your home and reigniting your soul with a sense of peace. You may be surprised what letting go of things may do for you. Until next time. Also a few templates on mental brain dumps. Something about letting things go mentally and physically. All documents below are linked! Until next time friends!

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