How to Create Flow in Your Home

Hi everyone! I hope you are staying well all around. Things are starting to settle and I believe the curve from this pandemic is starting to flatten. Here in California our “stay home” order is going through May 15th and things are starting to change for the better regarding state orders. Still a lot of uncertainty but remaining hopeful. I’m still working from home and its still a daily balance and adjustment. But enough about what we already hear in the news. Let’s talk about creating flow in your home. This was brought up recently on a IG Live session I did and I thought I would expand here. I think this is especially a good time to talk about flow as we will most likely continue to spend more time in it throughout the rest of this year.

Creating flow in a home varies person to person, but there are some basics I want to share. In order to create flow in your home its all about consistency and cohesiveness. I believe there are 4 major design basics followed by decor.

4 Major Design “Flow” Basics

  1. Flooring
  2. Paint Color
  3. Lighting & Light Fixtures
  4. Finishes & Home Fixtures

1. Flooring

You don’t want to have multiple flooring types in a house, and you ‘d be surprised how much better it feels to walk through your home. Stay consistent with the same flooring throughout your home. Or one flooring for walkways and shared spaces. The bedrooms may have a different flooring type as long as they are all the same.

2. Paint Color

Paint color consistency through the home is key. Now if you are color lover that is totally fine, but I find you either go all in with colors and take the total commitment or you stick with one or two alternate accent colors through your home. If you are not a color lover, stick with one consistent color and trim through your home. If you are doing color accents carry it throughout your home decor and not just sporadically. This is what disturbs the flow throughout your home.

3. Lighting & Light Fixtures

You want to stay consistent with lighting because different lumens can throw the flow off. Stick with similar wattage and color bulbs throughout your entire home, I can’t stress this enough! Bright white or soft white. Yes there’s many more but you know what I mean. Lamp shades can also redefine the color the bulb gives off so do keep in mind shade colors. I always like to turn on lamps before I leave the store to make sure the light it gives off is appropriate for my space. If not I may end up needed to swap out the shade. Make sure your bulbs are the same for recess lighting, ceiling fans, table lamps and floor lamps. Also your lamps by no means have to match but they should all have similar aesthetics, shading and size.

4. Finishes & Home Fixtures

Many don’t often think about all of the finishes in their home but this goes a long way. Your faucets, knobs, drawer pulls, door handles, curtain rods, etc should be the same. Now they don’t have to be identical but this helps things once again feel consistent and seamless.

Before going into home decor flow details I wanted to share this great video by designer Sharrah Stevens.

Decor Flow & Home Accents

  1. Eliminate excess
  2. Clear counter & floor spaces
  3. Functional furniture position
  4. Clear walkways and designated home pathways
  5. Furniture & Decor remaining in same color pallets and texture

So above I talked design things to invest in your home flow. These are more or less permanent and stationary items. I believe all of the above are crucial investments into a home and fundamental. I want to next talk about the decor and pieces you use to embellish your home. These items should flow seamlessly as well and enhance the theme of your home. A lot of times people ask me how do I pick a theme. A theme is something personal to each person. Can I decide a theme for a client? Yes I can depending on the conversation and sometimes it’s a little more than a conversation, its shopping and browsing and determining the elements of design and decor they like. Theme is also heavily based on a feeling. How does one want to feel in a space? Themes is a whole other conversation so I will save more details for another blog.

Now I’ve said it many times about eliminating the excess and clutter but its very important if you want a home that flows easily. Sometimes less is more. To have to much clutter disturbs a space. This can include too much clutter on the walls, too many items on the floor serving no purpose, lots of decor pieces on tables and shelving that create a overcrowding feeling. Start to put away the things that are literally just collecting dust. I think a time like this allows for you to go through all of those random paper piles you have accumulated. There is something about a clean counter space. Think about your kitchen and bathroom counter, do you feel a sense stifle cause there is too much happening? Do you use everything daily or can you place some of it under the cabinet for irregular use?

I believe flow is also about movement. Can you easily move throughout your home or do you have to move and reposition things for company or just for yourself. If so then maybe your furniture and pieces are not in the appropriate place. Flow should mean things are exactly where they need be and you don’t have to maneuver around them as there is naturally enough walking space.

Flow may also be about compromise of style, texture, color and pieces. This could be with your significant other, kids, or even roommates. There is a balance about compromise and making sure things are of similar nature but still reflect the style of everyone in your home. It will be a piece by piece decision in creating balance.

Similar Color Pallets, Texture & Aesthetics

When it comes to furniture it doesn’t have to match but it should be in the same color pallet and type/texture. So maybe you currently have a mix of furniture including wood, metal and glass. They may even be in different colors so nothing blends together, disrupting the flow. That’s ok, do piece by piece replacement or re-purpose so furniture color is all wood tones, glass, metal, whites, or blacks, etc. You lamp fixtures, are they all metallic or ceramics. Do you have a mix of new decor and furniture with old outdated furniture? Strategize how to blend it. Is there a mixture happening where its not consistent? Your couch and seating areas are they in the same color pallet, accenting your home well or creating a clash?

Remember colors evoke emotions. This is huge in home flow and I will talk color in another blog but if you’re interested in finding out more about color psychology visit Mehnaz Khan’s site.

Stand in different corners of your home…where are your eyes drawn too. Now think of why are they drawn there? Good or bad? Bad…then it disrupts your flow, vibe and energy. This may also be a space you don’t even like to be in long or often. Stand in another corner, do you like what you see? Why do you like it and what feelings are you evoking? Then that’s what you want to create throughout your entire home!

Hope this helps and I will be back to talk about theme next and color to follow. To end on high note and since flow and comfort go hand in hand I want to leave you with this video by Sarah Ashley. Feel free to drop questions and comments below!

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