Rustic Boho DIY Decor

Stopping in to talk about a quick Rustic Boho DIY decor piece I created and eventually gifted. This piece took me all of 30 minutes to make so I wanted to share. You can do this piece in all sorts of ways and add the pieces that fit your aesthetic best. I bought nothing for this project and just found pieces around the houses.

I found this the wood piece during a hike and simply used twine string to hang it. I had the greenery and white flowers around the house. I arranged them to my liking and simply attached.

I gained inspiration for this project of course via Pinterest. Actually been wanting to do this wall hanging for quite some time. Below are some boho rustic pictures I drew inspiration from. Something simplistic and romantic about the pictures and pieces below. I hope this gives you some inspiration and a easy DIY to do during this COVID time as we all still have limited activities to do.

Until next time friends! Stay safe! I apologize for the hiatus but I plan to be back in action and blogging weekly. I have been busy working on some client projects and may share some corners of their spaces, and tips for decorating and designing your space.

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  1. Oh so this is right up my alley! Love this!

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