Home office addition perfect for virtual work

Hey friends! I’m back with another quick blog about my home office addition. I recently received a flexispot desk converter riser. It has been amazing to use this week. I’m a college academic advisor so working virtually as you can imagine I spend ALL of my time in front of a computer. Sitting for long hours typically makes my back and neck hurt. But with this riser I have the capability of sitting or standing for work. Not to mention I can easily move this piece to different parts of my home.

Lifts smoothly with a small hydraulic pump.

This riser is only $100 and I’m going to link it below. But in addition to this riser FlexiSpot has full stand up desks. Which I’m excited to say I purchased one! That will be for another blog where I will show you my full home office/guest room revamp.

FlexiSpot linked for Purchase

I ended up ordering a whole stand up desk like the one below but in a different color, which I plan to show you all later this week. I just wanted to share these products cause they have made all the difference in me working for home. These also don’t have to just be for adults, think about your kids that are now doing virtual school. After a while they get antsy and want to stand. Consider investing in good chairs during this time as well.

Available at FlexiSpot

I’m looking at this chair below from Ikea. I’ve also given it the sit test which I think is crucial. Purchasing chairs online is touch but doable. Reviews are very helpful!

Linked to Ikea

Until next time friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

One response to “Home office addition perfect for virtual work”

  1. Ebony this is a very simple way to make working from home more enjoyable with the perfect office furniture and setting


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