A Simple Pink & White Dream Bedroom

Hi friends! It’s not often I have the opportunity to do kids rooms but I recently had the opportunity to create a soft and feminine space for 16 year old girl. She already had the idea of soft, subtle, and minimal colors and pieces. We wanted to incorporate a soft blush pink and leave everything else white and neutral. The main feature she stated right from the beginning was to have something hanging from the ceiling. She like the illusion of things floating but it couldn’t be sparkly or colored so in come the butterflies. I call this room “A Midnight Summers Dream”

The butterflies are paper cut outs meant to be stuck on the wall but instead I hung them with white string as you can see below. Then all I did to mount them was use clear thumbtacks. Now this may not be the preference for everyone however it was “mom approved” and rental friendly. I probably hung anywhere from 60-70 butterflies in the room. I staggered them in height, folded and hung them in varying direction. This gave them a more realistic look. I will say my thumbs were very sore from the thumbtacks.

It’s easier if you pre string the butterflies

After mounting the butterflies I installed the decorative net above the bed. I mounted the bed net with a anchor in the ceiling first then placed the hook in.

Home Depot

I spread the net out across the bed, however to allow for access to a night stand beside the bed, I placed a wall hook so a portion of it can be tucked it. You will see the hook in the video below. You will also see the wall mounted butterflies and a few pieces of art incorporated. All items are linked below video.

While doing this room I discovered an artist name Vashti Harrison. I was looking for art that the teen could relate to or find inspiration from. Vashit’s artwork is flawlessly beautiful. A gorgeous representation of black women. We used one her pieces for this project but wanted to show a small showcase of her work where you can access here. I also linked her entire site above . You will see the image below my client personally choose.

Below are the products featured in this bedroom makeover. All links are clickable. I want to say I love that Society6 has such great variety of artwork, however I did not like the quality of their frames and would encourage you to frame your own prints from them. Their canvas how came out nicely.

Amazon (multiple colors available)

I hope you all enjoyed this mini bedroom girls room and that you possibly drew some inspiration from. It’s not often I get to share client decor projects, so I’m happy to share this snippet with you all. Have a wonderful day friends!

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  1. I just love all the accessories!!


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