Repurposing Jars & Containers

Hey everyone! So I’m back today to talk about how you can reuse, repurpose and upcyle a everyday home item. Yes I’m talking about all of those glass jars and containers you have been tossing or have save around the home. Al ot of items we purchase come in some sort of containers and today many are cute and functional in sizes. Below are 5 ways to reuse jars and containers in your home.

  1. Storage dry food items like rice, quinoa, flour, spices and more. Perfect for pantry storage and organization without the added expense.
  2. Storage cooking liquids like oil, or vinegar. Great way to toss those ugly store bottles and create a cleaner look for your counter.
  3. Create cute or minimal bathroom product containers. You can get crafty and make your own labels or find downloadable templates.
  4. Storage bathroom items like q-tips, cotton swaps, bobby pins and so much more. Perfect way to keep your drawers organized inside.
  5. Create vases or pen/pencil/miscellaneous items holders. Adds a personal decor touch but provides purpose!

Now I recently up-cycled 2 items for my bathroom space that inspired this blog which I talk about in the video below.

1 upcycled candle jar for storage and 1 upcycled bath salts container for a mini vase

Before I leave I wanted to leave you with 2 great videos. First Tina Tomato on Youtube made a awesome video displayed all of the uses I mentioned above. Love her minimalist approach. Check out her short video for some extra tips.Then last is a fun video from Birchbox on how to re purpose all of those wine bottles you toss weekly. Until next time friends!

One response to “Repurposing Jars & Containers”

  1. I LOVE all 3 upcycled jars!! That candle jar, those florals, and the soap dispenser!!! Yes!


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