5 Ways to Refresh your home this Season

Hi everyone! I hope your holiday season is off to a good start. While I know everyone is in a hustle to decorate for Christmas sometimes we forget the minor updates and room refreshes we can make throughout the rest of our home. Holidays is a time when family and friends come over for celebration and gathering. While this year will be looking different it doesn’t mean you have to neglect those quick fix spots. Below I talk about 5 tips to prepare your home for the holiday and guests outside of putting up your Christmas tree.

  1. One thing that often happens in our spaces is that it gets muted out with browns and grays. We forget about adding a little pop of color. This not only refreshes and brightens your space but gives it a whole new look. Sometimes something as simple as adding pillows can make a difference. Many of us keep décor pillows until they are old and flat. Changing these out does not have to cost much. Below you can see what a difference this made for a recent client of mine.

2. Another way to liven up a space is to switch out a piece of artwork or two. This can be big or small. As I’ve stated before you don’t have to break the bank on artwork. Stores like TJMaxx, Ross and Big Lots have very affordable pieces. Another solution is to move pieces around your home. I’ve done this in the past and its a great alternative.

3. Speaking of art and frames, the holiday time is a great time to switch out personal photos. As company comes over they can see new images of family and friends instead of the same ones they have been used to seeing. Of course there are those special photos I don’t expect you to change out, like wedding and newborn photos. But take some time to clear out your phone and adorn your home with new personal images. You know the hallway and table photos that have been there for ages….

4. Now with the season change you can change out your bedding or add a few extra layers with some splash of color. Colors can be inviting. If you have a fear of color then opt for a piece that has a slight pattern with color variation. Little things bring joy to your overnight guests.

5. Last tip I have is to declutter before your guests arrive and before all of the Christmas décor goes up. A home can begin to feel cluttered and over crowded with the holiday additions. Its a perfect time to collect a small bag for the Goodwill. You can even save some items you no longer feel you have a purpose for and give them to family and friends that come over and visit. Others may have a purpose for items you have fallen out of love with over the years. (Note: this does not replace their holiday gift!) Also as you go through your home take the time to put things in the appropriate place in closets and cabinets rather then scattered throughout your home.

I hope these 5 tips were helpful during this time of year! I shall be back some more ideas next week! Stay safe and well friends!

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