Practical Tips this Holiday Season!

Hello! The holiday season is officially here! For many of you that means, decorations, shopping and get togethers. I thought I would stop in right at the start of November to give you some practical tips and reminders that may help you this season. And if anything, give you some “food for thought”.

All of this is preparation for your Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday activities.

  • Pack Your Patience – Allow for an additional 30 minutes to a hour in EVERYTHING you do this time of year.
  • Look for local events and activities now and purchase tickets before the sell out. TimeOut LA December 2021 Events
  • Remember yourself! – Holiday burn out is real and remember you can’t be everything to everyone. Let other’s know how they can help you. Manage your expectations of events and know its all going to be ok and you deserve the time be merry this season. So figure out your “pocket of peace” this season and how you will continue to take care of yourself the next few months.
  • Set gift limits for extended family. Nothing wrong with this especially when in large families. This can also be done with friends as finances are a little different this year.
  • Shop local and support small businesses! Not only do they appreciate but you can find some amazing unique and custom gifts.
  • White elephant with that friend group of yours. We all know how costly the holidays can be.
  • Subscriptions or a one year membership to a program/online vendor boxes is the gift that gives all year long! Now this is a pricier commitment, but a good splurge for a very special loved one. Best Subscription Boxes
  • Plan accordingly for your furry friends – Consider those with allergies and the “not so much” pet person during events. Putting your pets in another room for consideration.
  • Don’t be afraid to potluck your parties. Take off some of the stress and let your guests contribute.
  • Have games, activities, music for both adults and kids ready at your gathering. This can ease the silence and immediate awkwardness that sometimes takes place. Minute to Win It Game Ideas
  • Have a personal “thankful” moment. Reflect on all of the things you have to be grateful for this year. While some of us may have had a challenging year, still take some time to look at the wins. Reflect on your progress and how you are not where you once were. Think of accomplishments big and small.
  • Decorations are welcoming but don’t stress out about it. Use what you have and be creative with what you can find. Know that snipping fresh foliage from around the neighborhood can easily bring in some welcoming and warm elements around the table and living area. Branches and flowers are free in parks and neighborhood trails take advantage of mother nature for the positive.

Last is to simply enjoy the moment. Don’t let anyone rock your boat on this holiday season. I’m encouraging you to keep your vibes high and the negative energy away.

I will be back end of this week to share with you some Fall table decor and styling.


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