Fall Holiday Tablescape Ideas

Hi! Are you ready for the Holdiay season?! It can be a fun and exciting time of year, but for those hosting it can be a little nerve wrecking. The food prepartion is one thing all on its own, but then to make everything look pretty can be an additional challenge.

I want to show you several ideas for a Holiday table setting this Thanksgiving that is sure to impress. I always encourage everyone to start with everything you already have! Set out all of your decor and take inventory. You can get creative with layers. Also nature. Its free! I don’t care where you live there are tree branches you can cut, pampas stems, flowers to pick, pine cones to scope and more.

I was able to collaborate with a fellow friend, decorator and YouTuber “JustBeingKatherine” for some Fall tablescape ideas. If you don’t follow her on youtube or Instagram you need to as she continues to inspire and share easy DIYs, home decor, and encouraging messages on her channel. Katherine does it all and her apartment home is filled with such great detail, creativity and beauty you will want to go take a peak! We came together to inspire you with some awesome ideas! We each chose an item to include in our tablescape so you will see the pine cone and mini charcuterie board in all of the designs. I’m going to share Katherine’s holiday tablescape design and video later in this blog.

The 4 tablesettings I’ve created above are not as costly as they look. I will break down each look in this blog and I hope you find it helpful. I have also compiled a video below for you to see the tables in their entirirties.

4 Fall Tablesetting Ideas for the Holiday Season

Idea 1 – Boho Glam

This is a subtle nod to boho glam style. Adding metals and sparkle is sure to give your table a glam flare. No table runner? No problem. Extend your centerpiece throughout the entire table. I layered a 99Cent Store floral stem with a branch of pampas grass. The pampas I found on a walk around the neighborhood. Its peak season for pampas grass to bloom so keep your eyes open. However, if you don’t have any just use a different type of stem. You can find other florals and leaves in store at an affordable cost in your local grocery market. Pine cones you can find just about everywhere this time of year. In store or at your local park. These place mats I purchased years ago from Ross and I use them for Christmas too. The brass tray is multi purpose tray in my household. Sometimes during events I use as a food platter but for this instance it serves as a part of the centerpiece.

Idea 2 – Traditional

Now this tablescape is from last year but I still love it very much. What makes this one a little different? Well you will see the table runner which helps define the table space. But want to know my favorite thing? It’s the plastic plates!! Yes I said it! The white plates are plastic! Easy clean up my friends! No you don’t need fine China for the holidays and you can find beautiful plastic plates every where this time of year. This includes your grocery store, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. The second favorite thing to this tablescape is that I actually mixed real and faux stems. I bet you can’t even tell! And I picked up all the real stems on my walk in the neighborhood.

Idea 3 – Contemporary Modern

A contemporary mix for this tablescape. Literally placed all my items on the table and mixed them up to compliment one another. What I love about this centerpiece is I have mixed summer/spring white floral with brown Fall stems. I bet you may have never thought about that. Its ok to mix seasons up. This is even better if you are afraid of too much color you can toss in a neutral base to break it up a bit. The plates also compliment the white so it does not stand alone. I added some pumpkins to this tablescape and you can add your decor pieces or some live mini pumpkins as well for the season!

Idea 4 – Vibrant Fall

Do you enjoy the change of color that the Fall season brings? Then add a pop of color to your table by mixing stems and florals! Add all of the layers! This can be done with real or faux stems. I have accumulated these stems over the years from the following stores: Michaels, Target, Hobby Lobby and the 99cent store. Never be afraid to mix greenary with brown colors. They contrast well and the gold and orange here just shine. The place mats are more Earthy and natural in feeling which pair nicely with the table setting. This mini charcuterie board I purchased at Target and can be used a variety of ways during the season.

Are you ready to see how Katherine decorated for her Holiday tablescape? Take a look below at her video and don’t forget to follow and subscribe to her channel for more inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed all of these ideas and leave feeling inspired!! Also don’t forget to stay updated with me and regular decor and design inspiration on instagram -Ebony

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