Celebrity Styling But in Your Home

Hello thought I’d do something fun and inspiring since its still the start of the year. How many of you have found yourself admiring celebrity homes but never thought you could achieve the look or similar pieces? There are alot of “dupes” and similar pieces that aren’t neccesarily custom made. Below I featured a few living spaces, all of different styles with linked items.

I have linked all of their actual home tours through Architectural Digest. As a California native I stayed true in location, but love how each of these homes embodies our state is such different ways.

The first photo below is one of the beautiful living spaces inside of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis home. They have a beautiful blend of rustic modern. The right is how you can create a portion of this look in your home.

Linked items:

Next is the gorgeous space of Vanessa Hudgens. Her LA home exudes traditional California design and style and vintage. The right is how you can create a portion of this look in your home.

Linked items below:

For the last celebrity space, I have chosen to non other then Kylie Jenner’s house. Let’s face it she has some serious home style. While alot of her home is one of kind, I looked for some similar pieces to make a glamorous and modern statement while still staying subtle.

Linked Items below:

I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to do this again with other celebrity homes. Until next time!!

One response to “Celebrity Styling But in Your Home”

  1. Yes! Definitely do it again😊


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