Thanksgiving tips you will appreciate!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve some had some new content, so I thought I would stop by! I know last year I did a blog on a simple Thanksgiving setting, but this year I wanted to do something different. I want to give you some tips to make your day with friends and family go off without a hitch.

So here they are…my Top 10 tips for a great Thanksgiving!

  1. A little effort in the decor area goes a long way to make friends and feel special. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but fresh flowers, table linen, and candles are a way to start.
  2. Paper plates are cool for a big gathering but for anyone hosting 8 people and less…break out the dishes. Don’t worry I volunteer your guest to help! lol
  3. Music…music…music…it sets the mood. Have it going in the background at all times.
  4. Games! Games are a great way to bring guest together, change the pace and ease tension. You know the family/friend drama or elephant in the room I’m talking about!
  5. Have crafts/activities/games ready for the little ones. Even have a movie picked out for the them to watch after diner and festivities so they are fully occupied and don’t feel left out.
  6. Food presentation goes far and sets the stage for appetites.
  7. Document the moment! You don’t know when you will see some of these friends and family members again so take a group picture right before the big meal is served. You will be thankful you did later.
  8. Have a variety of beverage options…remember just because you love cold one doesn’t mean everyone wants a alcoholic beverage. Bring on the sparkling cider!
  9. Get extra food containers! Make taking food to go easy for those taking left overs.
  10. Lastly, enjoy the moment. Don’t let anyone or anything spoil the day. Know we aren’t all perfect and pointing out ones life imperfections/decisions is less than classy. Leave the judgement at home, along with the interrogation tactics. Be present and set the phone down. Instead take it all in, and converse. This holiday show a little appreciation towards everyone, it goes a long way. You honestly don’t truly know what people are battling even those closest to you. Holidays are a tough time some, so keeping sharing your love.

Happy Thanksgiving friends and let the holiday season begin!




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