Practical Tips: Thanksgiving Part 2

Hey friends I’m back to share some Thanksgiving tips as it approaches. It’s next week and while I’ve shared some great recipes, drink pairings, and table settings, I’m back to share some more personal thoughts. Check out Thanksgiving Part 1 here for those recipes, etc.

The holiday season can be a tough time for some so I want to first remind all of you to extend a little extra care this time of year to yourself and others.

Last year I created a list of 10 realistic tips for you all for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I linked it above so check it out. But I’m back with new 15 tips that I yet again feel may be useful.

  1. Pack your patience. Don’t take your frustration out on everyone. Traveling will test even the best of us. So manage your time wisely, leave early, while also mentally being prepared that it may take a little longer to get places. Also let that car in…you all have somewhere to go and this one car isn’t going to prevent you from being where you need to be.
  2. Check in on those who have lost someone this year or even in previous years. The holiday season is especially tough for those who may feel alone. And while they may not even tell you, they appreciate the check in. Invite them to dinner, ask if you can bring them a plate or anything. Just extend the kindness.
  3. Don’t engage in the family/friend argument. It’s not worth it I promise. Especially the ones that come up year after year. You didn’t reach a resolution then and you won’t now. It will damper your day and your whole journey back home. Agree to disagree or simply excuse yourself.
  4. Help the hostess clean the kitchen! And if you’re the hostess accept the help!
  5. Set the food up buffet style off the dinner table. It’s easier, less messy and lessens the chance of an accident as dishes are passed across the table.
  6. If you’re with family and friends that have kids, have activities ready for them after dinner and even before. You may have a movie picked out for the them to watch after diner and festivities so they are fully occupied and don’t feel left out.
  7. Have music ready to go. Music is a great way to fill any quiet moments and to just get the vibe and spirit of the dinner party.
  8. Even as adults we like games, so have some on hand. They bring camaraderie, fun and competition. Games can also ease tension or awkwardness.
  9. A little decoration goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. People appreciate a little flowers or candles around.
  10. Have both alcoholic and non alcoholic drink options available. And not just because of the kids but because not everyone drinks. With that being said don’t make someone feel bad because they choose to not partake in certain libations.
  11. Paper plates are your friend. But splurge a couple more dollars and get some nice ones. They can be festive or just a little fancier then your traditional plastic/paper plates. I will say plastic may be sturdier for all that delicious Thanksgiving food items. Now if you have 8 or less guest, break out the dishes!
  12. Be compassionate and understanding. Remember that you have no idea what one is truly going through, so don’t make any assumptions or hasty remarks. Just be kind and passionate towards one another. Take a extra 10 seconds before you respond to something on impulse. It’s been a whole year since you’ve seen some of these people and a lot can change, for you and them. Appreciate one another for who we are.
  13. Plan accordingly for your furry friends. Consider those with allergies and the “not so much” pet person. Possibly putting your fur babies in the next room just while dinner is happening might be helpful.
  14. Have a personal “thankful” moment. Reflect on all of the things you have to be grateful for this year. While some of us may have had a challenging year, still take some time to look at the wins. Reflect on your progress and how you are not where you once were. Think of accomplishments big and small.
  15. Last is to simply enjoy the moment. Don’t let anyone rock your boat on Thanksgiving. Push any negative energy away. Allowing someone to make you step out of your character is a win for them and a total lose for you. Don’t bring work and problems to the dinner table this night. Tackle them another day. Put the phone down and actually engage in conversation. Talk to the family/friends that you haven’t in quite some time or even those at the table that you don’t know. There might be a new family member or friend that could use your company. This holiday show a little appreciation towards everyone, it goes a long way.

I hope these tips help. While all of these may not apply to you I’m sure some do. Holidays can be fun, but they can be challenging too. I know, I’ve experienced some. We also have to take responsibility for the decisions in who we spend this special time with. So choose wisely. I will be having a small holiday preparing a meal with my niece and other loved ones. Until next time check out one my favorite people Sarah Ashley in her latest video below.

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