5 Things to Update In Your Home

Hi everyone! How is it going? I’m back to talk about 5 ways you can enhance and bring value to your home. I am going to focus on larger items, however you will be surprised how much these ways can really make you fall in love with your home again. By updating these 5 things you will see such a difference in spaces.

Now we are entering the holiday season, which tends to be a bit busy season but with comes some great discounts from retailers and brands. This season leaves the opportunity open to start purchasing some of those items you keep saying “one day”. They can be those splurge items, or just those items that are nice and good quality. Purchasing these now is perfect so you can plan for new year changes, re decorating and installation.

I think sometimes we believe that smaller items can enhance our home, which it can, however saving for the larger items really make a statement. More importantly than the statement they add value and impact your home at larger level. Here are 5 things to consider when enhancing your home.

  1. Kitchen Appliances
  2. Window Treatments
  3. Lighting
  4. Bathroom vanities
  5. Flooring

Now lets break these down a bit. Even before that, keep in mind you need prioritize your needs and wants, followed by your budget. Saving in certain areas will allow expenses to grow in other areas, so take the time to plan and prioritize accordingly. Also things such as flooring require more time then switching out appliances.

New Appliances

Now you don’t have to go out and buy them all at once, however retailers are going to start having some AMAZING sales. They will also have some EVEN MORE AMAZING after Christmas sales…

Here’s reasons why you may want to change out your appliances. Maybe they all don’t match anymore. They may not all work or be energy efficient and draining your utility bills. Or maybe its simply because they are outdated and don’t fit how nice your actual kitchen is. Even if you have a older kitchen new appliance can help bring some life. If you can’t afford a whole new kitchen remodel, consider painting, new backsplash, new fixtures (faucet, knobs, drawer pulls, etc) Future blog coming on that.

Window treatments

I cannot say how many clients I’ve had that want to redecorate their home but don’t to do window treatment. You can beautify a space till no tomorrow but if your window treatments are old or lack there of…it is a purchase that is well worth it.               

There are of options when it comes to window treatments and they don’t have to be universal throughout your home. I would say start with the most important room in your home. This could very well be the room you spend the most time in or not. Some window treatment options are

Steer clear on materials that fade or yellow.

Types of window treats stem from: blinds (vertical, horizontal), shutters, curtains and shades.

Quite the variety
Simpler example of shades/blinds

Home Depot does a great breakdown video that you can access HERE

A quick breakdown for curtains is below and provided by HGTV. Remember washing your curtains or sending them to the cleaners yearly is a good idea.

Lighting Fixtures

Nothing like updating a room and leaving that old chandelier that is just not up to date with the rest of your décor. Lighting fixtures aren’t hard to change out. Now if you are talking about a whole entire electrical wiring and placement that’s different. I recently did a blog about lighting so check it out here. Another thing that is sometimes associated with ceiling lighting are ceiling fans. Keep them up to date as well. Here are some affordable light options I like that are trending today.

Shades of Light

Bathroom vanities

If you live in a older home your bathroom vanity can very well be outdated and bring your home style down. Of course you can refinish it, paint it and switch out fixtures, but you can also purchase an entire stand alone unit. These don’t have to break the bank and so worth it! A easy swap out and a day only project.

For affordability I say Home Depot, Lowes, and Wayfair have cost friendly units. For a higher end I would suggest Signature Hardware. They have beautiful looks and great quality.

I linked all of the retailers above directly to their vanity section. Below are some inspiration pictures of vanity units.


Last but not least we cannot forget flooring. Your local hardware stores will be discounting wood, carpet, tile and laminate per square footage during the holiday season so go and take a look.

Its a great time to replace that old ugly carpet with fresh carpet or go for a whole new type of flooring. I love the look of wood but laminate is more cost friendly so go check out the option you may see at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Lumber liquidators, Floor & Decor and more. Each person has their preference, mine is Lowe’s. If you want specialty tile and cannot say enough about your local tile shops. I know locally in southern California there are some amazing stores!!

It is important to choose the right type of flooring for your space and once again Home Depot did a great video linked here.

Above you see some trending wood color trends that I just love.

Anyways I hope that gives you all some ideas on how to enhance your home for 2020. Now is the time to plan, think and lay out the budget and priority list. I would as always love to hear your comments below! Until next time!

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