Lighting changes things!

Hello there, I’m back to talk about lighting today. I’ve recently found myself in more conversations with friends and clients about how important lighting is and what a difference it can make in your space.

I strongly believe that good lighting should take precedent to decor. You can have great home decor and furniture and the lighting says nothing. Or worse it brings the updates down. Lighting adds value to a home especially when it comes to that of ceiling lighting. If you live in a older home and still have the fluorescent tubes in your kitchen or laundry area, I can’t encourage you enough to consider making a switch to recessed lighting or a track light as I did in my kitchen. You may possibly have tube lighting in bathrooms and these are a easy switch out.

Now recessed lighting is more costly but the home value is totally worth it. This is something you will most likely have to contract out.

What a difference!!

If you are focused more on a budget and home DIY you can consider something I did last year. Below is a before and after of my condo kitchen. I will link by blog to it here. What a difference this made! Now I will say this wasn’t my fixture of choice but as renters the owners asked that it matched with the dining and bar area light so we obliged. This fix alone really did satisfy me and if you’re a homeowner…well skies the limit.

This video below shows you exactly how to go about the wiring and how easy it was to change out. My brother came over to help me with that part but it was literally all of 10 minutes.

Available at Home Deport

If you don’t want to do track lighting you can do flush mounts. Flush mounts now come in a beautiful styles.

Available in different colors at Joss & Main

Flush mounts typically work really nice in bathrooms and office spaces, however can work in any space in the home where fluorescent tubes once were. As you can see quite the variety below.

Another form of kitchen lighting is multiple pendant lighting between recess lighting or pendents over bar seating. This could potentially require a contractor or electrician so keep that in mind.

After changing out your cieling light you can still enhance your home with table and floor lamps. I do not believe that ceiling lights or cieling fans should be the only light source in your home . I like to enhance a space with table lamps and floor lamps. I believe side table lamps can make a space and set the ambience for the evening/night time.

Image/Design/Decor by: th2designs

Now that you’ve seen some of these beautiful bedside lamp and decor options, I want to stress the importance of getting the right sized lamp for your bed. So I’m linking this great blog by DIY Decorator Kylie. Take read on her tips for getting the perfect sized bed side lamp.

Another thing people have been doing in their homes are bedroom wall scones. I don’t do scones as I rent and I also like changing my room and decor around. Sconces are beautiful but not as interchangeable.

This the Cofounder Alaina Kaczmarski’s Home sconce

A new and popular trend is hanging pendents over side tables as seen below.

Via Pinterest. Another source of bedroom lighting that’s trending are hanging pendents as seen above.

Thinking of living room lighting you have floor and table lamp options. Of course recess lighting and natural light are perks, but if you don’t have those then lamps are the way to go.

Living room floor lamp idea. Take notice to all of the layers and how the lamp blends in to the space. Photo: Amanda Pierce pinterest
Table lamp on wall credenza adds useful light and decor in this living space. Lots of natural light and light on cieling fan.
Target has an array of floor lamps like this one here.

Last but not least is dining room lighting. Whether that’s a formal or informal area lighting is still such a crucial element. Pendent lights and chandeliers come in a lot of variety and style but add so much to a space. If you have old light in this space consider switching it out for something affordable yet a little style.

Now before I leave you with a awesome video from Live Your Style Sharrah let’s talk some affordable places to purchase lighting and some splurges cause lighting is well worth it! The one’s with * can be more on the higher end, however you get what you pay for and I promise you won’t ever regret paying for good cieling lighting.

Budget Ceiling Lighting:

  1. Shades of Light*
  2. Rejuvenation*
  3. Lowes
  4. Lamps Plus
  5. Home Depot
  6. West Elm*

Table & Floor Lamps I believe can be bought more on a budget so I recommend the following places:

  1. Homegoods
  2. TJ Maxx
  3. Amazon
  4. Target
  5. World Market.

Now I leave with this great video that I believe wraps up this blog perfectly and I hope all of this information has given you some things to consider when it comes to home lighting. Keep all of this in mind too if thinking of selling your home and the impact it can have in value!!

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  1. some great lighting ideas thank you for a really great post


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