DIY Ombre Art

Wow talk about a long time no talk! I’ve been beyond busy and then with a blink of a eye the whole world has changed for each of us. This health pandemic has impacted all of us in varying degrees. I’m grateful to be able to work from home as lay off’s are running high in my community and it makes me sad. You can’t help but wonder what the future holds for all of us. However we must remain strong and optimistic and continue to support one another.

I thought I would stop in with some quarantine activities that are family friendly and don’t just involve Netflix. Cause lets face it, the TV is starting to get old. I will share the activities at the end of this post.

I wanted to share a home decor quarantine activity I did first. I was able to do this and brought some color to my home during this dark times. I literally already had these materials in my house except for one thing! I have been wanting a ombre blue canvas art for months. However the prices are so high! Here are some I’ve seen around.

So I thought to myself why not just make my own. I’ve talked about reusing art pieces you already have in your home. I decided a Ikea piece that I have had for a very long time would do the trick. What I also like about this piece is that it is already framed. The only thing that did make me nervous was that this art piece is rather large. Maybe 4×3 feet, however it all worked out.

As you can see I taped the frame so paint would not get on it. I also painted the entire thing white first. Now I used white paint primer cause that’s what I had lying around the house but white paint works just fine. You will just need to do multipe layers to make sure the image below is covered.

Next I began to mix my shades of blue. This probably took the longest time because I wanted to gain a certain look. The great thing about gradient art though is all you have to do is keep adding paint if you make a mistake. Obtaining the right shades probably took the most time. But hey we all have ALOT of time these days! I already had small tubes of blue paint but did pick up a clearance can of “oops” paint at my local hardware store. These are mixed cans of paint no one wanted so they discount them. You can find them at Lowes, Home Depot or Ace.

Below you can see how my colors blended together. They go from white, gray, light blue, to dark blue. The only supplies I used for this was a paint tray, painters tape, paint, paint brush (for texture) and a roller for the primer part.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

Hope you enjoyed that quick DIY and get inspired to recreate a piece of art over some old decor in your home.

Now as promised 5 family friendly quarantine activities.

  1. Create a jeopardy game for the family. You can even share your screen and do this via zoom! Check out this site and make up your jeaopardy questions the family will be sure to love. It’s free!
  2. Get creative and do art tutorials online with youtube. Check out these on youtube: Art for Kids Hub, Bob Ross and Makoccino. You won’t regret it! From kids cartoon, painting, sketching, and water colors.
  3. Trivia night!! Everyone loves some random facts. It’s educational for kids and starts alot of conversation amongst adults.
  4. Try some of those cooking recipes you always said you never had time to do! Get the whole family involved and browse pinterest for some good ideas.
  5. Lastly bust out some coloring sheets (can print for free online), word searches, crosswords and more. I also recently discovered that there are puzzle apps for tablets. So if you don’t have one or can’t find one in stores download a puzzle on to your ipad or table and solve away!

Hope some of those ideas encourage you to break the mold of tv and the couch! Until next time friends

2 thoughts on “DIY Ombre Art

  1. Ebony! This painting looks expensive! For someone who thinks they aren’t good at painting just may have a hidden gift!


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