How to Style Color into your Home Decor

Styling color in your home doesn’t have to be tricky, but sometimes it can be overwhelming in regards to styling it. For many of us we either love color or we are scared of it. Today I wanted to talk about ways you can incorporate color so it doesn’t overwhelm the space but draws your eye to it. Below I will go over 5 ways to incorporate color into your home.

I’m going to be focusing on home decor rather then design and will save design features for another blog. I want to add that if you feel like you have an overwhelmingness of color in your spaces, I encourage you to take it all out, start with a blank canvas and then begin to add things back in piece by piece. Keep reading below

1.Accent Wall

An accent wall is easy way to immediately bring color into a space. The accent wall can be as bold as you’d like and you balance out the rest of your space with neutrals. The thing about accent walls is paint is a commitement. Wall paper is even more of a commitment. While if you have the energy you can redo both of these, however its more time consuming. A accent wall brings alot to a space so if you are a “go big or go home” this is your way to bring color into a space. Here are some inspiring looks below.

2.Wall Art

Oversized wall art is one of my favorite things because it draws the eye instantly. It can be such a conversation piece based on the art itself. You can choose to do one large piece, a set of art or even a colorful gallery wall. Sometimes those large wall pieces can be costly so feel free to DIY your own or even paint over one! I did this during 2020’s quarentine. Click here for more detail. I created the Blue Ombre painting. The other 2 are beautiful inspiring ways to all include color through wall art in your home. Notice how the rest of the room still has flow and sense of calm as I balanced it with neutrals.

3.Decor Accessories

Color can be incorporated in a vareity of decor accessories. Anywhere from pillows, blankets, curtains, flowers and more. By incorporating color in small pieces it can help balance out the room or keep your eye throughout the entire space. Accessories are also “non commital” meaning you can change out your color at any point. Look at how these spaces used colorful decor to brighten their space.

4.Area Rugs

Area rugs come in such an array of styles, colors and materials. They can be costly but are very worth it! I believe they truly can help complete a space. More importantly they seperate spaces and bring transition for some of those open concepts. For some, a rug actually may provide functionality and are used more than just the aesthetic. If you have a neutral or muted home, I encourage you to bring in a rug, that will literally be the center of attention.


Have you these those stunning furniture pieces that come in vibrant colors? Ever considered purchasing one but scared its too much for a space? Well you should go for it! Its all a balance! You can balance any space with neutral tones. Think of your whites, creams, browns, greys, and blacks. Think of the subtly of it all and then that pop of color that just shines! Who said you can’t be bold in moderation. Subtly sophisticated!

I hope this was yet another blog that inspired you to infuse something new like color into your home. Color evokes such emotion and happiness that I say sprinkle it into your space and let me know how it makes you feel.

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