Classroom Transformation Part 2

Hey friends! I’m back! How was your Labor Day weekend? Mine was filled with company and lots of laughs.

I wanted to come back and follow up on the second portion of the classroom that is being transformed in to a high school wellness center. I showed you the counseling corner but in case you didn’t read the first blog you can see the corner below. See my previous blog for details on this.

I ended up doing one more focal wall. My goal with this wall was to capture attention, and to inspire. I chose to do a wall collage. To complete this collage it cost me a little under $100. The length of this wall was about 9 feet.

I purchased most items from Hobby Lobby. The posters you see were on clearance. Once reason I like travel posters in the classroom is to spark imagination and for students to be curious about different spaces and adventure.

Wall collages are a lot of fun, however with one as big as this planning had to happen. I wanted this to be cohesive and themed but fun with different elements. So you can see I played with texture, sizes and spacing. Check out my Wall Collage blog for guidelines and ideas. Below are some inspiration collage pictures.

The green grass squares I purchased from Michael’s. I love what you can do with these grass squares. You can also purchase this on a roll. If you love greenery as much as I do check out the ideas below.

The clipboards I got from the Dollar Tree and printed out quotes on them. Its a fun and affordable to add layers and texture to a classroom wall. A inspiration picture is below.

I talk about how I transformed this classroom on my Instagram stories so if you aren’t following me on there I encourage you to do so.

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